For information (safety warning "not high fidelity")



Thinks if privacy and freedom from covert observation is of importance then the internet probably isn’t the place for you.


Yeah, let’s blame the victim for the unjust system.

Silly gay people around the world who require privacy & encryption online because their country will literally execute them for existing. These people should just stop using the internet, too. It’s not for them. /s


for me it is particularly thoughtful the 2 Internetproviders with in the ship are


I just think if that guy who ran that market on the dark web is now in jail and presumably knew way more about all this kinda thing than us then it’s realistic to assume that if someone wants to watch us they can


Thanks for clarifying. I used a harsh example to illustrate my point, because your original statement reads like “You should be okay with being spied on. If you aren’t, GTFO the internet.” It was framed as a question (“if”), which implies that the importance of privacy is actually something up for debate.

and it is not. Every single person on this planet wants and expects privacy. Anyone who claims otherwise is a goddamn liar. :wink: Anyone here who doesn’t think privacy is important - how about you post your credit card numbers, account passwords, bank PINs for us all to see. Oh, you won’t? Of course you won’t, and you shouldn’t! Because you’re human like the rest of us, and you naturally expect to keep certain things to yourself for your own safety. Everyone has that right, or at least should.

Corporations, advertisers, and governments are constantly trying to spy on us - that’s a given. That doesn’t mean we should just sit there and take it. We can protect ourselves. Privacy online is not impossible. The tools to achieve it already exist.

Of course, if you have spyware already installed on your computer, none of those tools will protect you anymore. People need to be careful about what they download… Bad habits are much more dangerous than any virus. Thanks for letting us know about that spyware, Morsanula.