Foreign 3D content


Often the upload in virtual words is interpreted as a distribute in the EULA’s, and is so not allowed.

The following is an an e-mail communication with Unity. This is to be taken only as an indication. I am not a lawyer. Arises you damage through the use of Unity Assets, I take no responsibility. You must itself assess whether their contents can be used from the Unity Asset Store.

My question:
“A question to the EULA please. Can you use asset store contents in virtual 3D worlds like Highfidelity?”

The answer from Ben Stoneman (Unity Technologies):
"Thanks for the e-mail.Yes, you can use asset for any of your projects. It is not allowed to resell the assets as assets.Let me know if you have any further problems.Kind Regards,

Unity Support"


I think, of course you must protect the assets against unauthorized copies.


At present, there is zero asset protection in High Fidelity. Anything placed in a domain is subject to full access by anyone. Be careful what you set out for display.


I thought of uploading as an asset would be enough to protect, as an access via a normal URL is not possible. Ok, then take the note for later. :wink:

Thank you very much.


If you start a reload at a foreign domain, you can see a lot nunmbers in the log file. Probably the asset ID’s. It is no protection to say not the asset ID to others. No, it is really not yet the time for the using of external content.