Forking hifi on github


I have forked the hifi repo on github, but now what is the best practice to keep it up to date ?

Found a help document but this would make me open up the terminal to sync the repo manual with my fork on github.

It would sound better to me to automate this a bit, perhaps with a script like this ?

Or did I miss some easy way to do this ?


There are some Git GUI’s that probably work. Yet command line would be the best option.


If you want a GUI program, I suggest SourceTree:

See also:


I managed to create a new branch on github and push the up to dat hifi to it !

The contribution doc is helpful, but does seem to be up to date.

step 2:

git clone git://

should be:

git clone

cause github does not seem to know git:// url’s ???

And when in step 3 a new branch is created then you cannot push to your fork, but you have to push to that branch

git push origin new_branch_name