Fortnite shows us the future


Looks familiar? Another example of how we are heading to a virtual future. It is not if it is when.


I wonder how their VR application looks like :wink:


4:21 that looks stupid. If that’s the future, then stop now.


Fortnite is a game first that found a community due to its popularity. Second Life is a community that became a community, because it was sticky for people. I have been to concerts in SL that were as frenetic and colorful as that, and yes, in HiFi as well.

With the money that Epic is making with Fortnite, it is not doubt they could become a VR app quickly. I think the point I am making is that there is not a mass of community yet in HiFi.
It’s been a while since I played Fortnite, but there’s no chat in there, it’s basically about killing people. This is a one off, and not the usual way of doing things there.

So, I think we just have to wait until the HiFi population grows. The secret sauce for that? Not sure.


Not even the first dj in vr with a big mask on their head.