Forum Broken - Its Potential Effect on New Users


I know that the main devs are very busy with the main client and thats great, but how long will the forum remain broken like this? Broken View counts, perpetual “new user” status, and some broken pages.

Do we have any worklist tickets on this so that independent developers can take a poke at it? I’d gladly try look into some of the issues related to using the Discourse engine (although, its been 4 years since I last looked into Ruby, but my JS and Rails (Grails) knowledge is uptodate).

As of the moment; II think having such a broken communications channel can add negativity to the already lackluster first-impression (of a testee with no prior knowledge of high fidelity having high expectations) within High Fidelity, especially compared to the ever growing competition. Having broken view counts can also bring in the wrong impression that the place simply is dead, even if people actually actively read the threads: But for a new person asking questions, this can be devastating…

Partially however, A clean up could be useful and locking down old massive threads might also help alot (such as the random image thread seems to bug out like crazy when opening it in the half way mark). And Update could also do some good to update from 0.9 to 1.4.

CC: @chris


Alos for me there’s for many weeks or months, i lost count still this topic stuck in unread post. It;s not disappearing. and i can not open it because the page is telling me that it’s gone.

Is there no MyAvatar.position?

Anyway i preffer a more userfriendly forum like PHPBB , this current forum feels like the Secondlife one. and that is really the most terrible one you can have. Hard to track, new posts or replies on your posts.

The high fidelity forum have also a problem that it’s hard to find something back. you can bookmark. but at some point you get to many bookmarks to read. Other thing that’s annoying for me and google etc. is doing the same. The page is not loaded complete or show you a next page. but it’s loading piece by piece a part of the page. So looking around on a page is terrible. if you want to look at page 300. you need to scroll -> wait -> scroll -> wait. As example a good forum you click on the next button a few times until you reach close to the number you want.

his is mabye fixable by add a fiedl where you can enter the page number. but this forum system is not the best one i know. Sofar still better then the Secondlife one.


Clarification. I don’t “like” that the forum is broken, I “like” that you are asking the team about it. I’ve been locked out from performing more than three posts to the Random Picture Thread and other locations. It’s kinda underwhelming at this point. I’ve apologized for the fiasco created by CaptainOculus, and if a worklist item shows up, perhaps I could assist in the resolution of it.


We have it as a task to fix it.

We made some custom changes to the forum code a while ago to allow for the use of special characters in Usernames that Discourse (Forum software ) would not allow, e.g. this : The fact we made custom code changes has made it harder to click the “Upgrade” button. We obviously should keep ourselves out of the business of changing forum software :> Apologies that it has caused an issue.