Forum Changes - April 26, 2016


We’ve made a few cosmetic changes to the forum to improve its friendliness to newcomers:

  • The forum front page now shows a category structure. If you prefer the single list of latest topics, that is still available via the Latest tab at the top of the forum.
  • Updated category descriptions
  • Added links to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the About page
  • Updated the color scheme for the categories
  • Updated many badge icons–nearly all of them were the same “certificate” icon or a heart before

You may continue to see minor tweaks occurring here and there. Please let me know if you see anything amiss, and thanks again for your patience as these adjustments are made.


Very good. It looks better on mobile too.


Not happy with this change, unless there’s config option.
I now get everytime send to the main page when pressing the (H) icon. And i use that icon to get quick back to the Latest page to read other threads. In case i did not open the link in new tab. Not improvement now, already needed to change the links to get send straight to Latest.

It’s now more useless clicking and waiting.
Also the category page is for me looking a chaotic page you better avoid.

Other option would be to just open topics in new tab if the (H) icon function cannot be changed.


Yes, it would be nice if a "Latest’ button were pinned at the top alongside the (H) button.


The browser’s “back” button works OK to take you back to Latest. (I know, old habits die hard - I also used to click the “H” to return to latest.)


Only if you go one deep, which for me is rarely.
What I ended up doing as a workaround was to drag the ‘latest’ button to my favorites bar (see photo).


@Balpien.Hammerer Good point!


Not have favorite bar on the tablet. it eat to much screen space.

Curious if it’s not more easy to make the (H) customizable. So it’s using the preset you made in settings. This works off course only after login.

Btw, normally i always open a link in new tab, but sometimes you go wrong there.

ADD: It also would be nice if you do a search result that the menu panel keeps visible. Now you get search results but cannot back. Backspace only works if you do no new search results from that page.

This need to be visible in search results.


@Jess there’s a new bug. if your in reply /post mode. You see right top of the input sevtion arrow to minimize it . Minimize works, but then the arrow to bring it back is gone now. before i still could open it again on the tablet.