Forum Changes for Beta


Hello, everyone,

Normally announcements specifically about the forums would go in the Meta category, but these are somewhat of a bigger deal. As High Fidelity transitions to open beta, you’ll see some changes on the forum. These are as follows:

  • The forums will become viewable by the public, possibly as early as tomorrow. One will still need to log in to a High Fidelity user account in order to post.
  • You can now file bugs and feature requests in GitHub so that High Fidelity staff can better review and organize them. Discussions are welcome in the Bugs and Suggestions and Requests forum sections, and we’ll still be reading here. GitHub is simply a more direct route.
  • The forum URL will become rather than The latter URL will still work, however.
  • We’re going to begin posting release notes in the Announcements category in addition to posting them on GitHub.
  • The nondisclosure agreement (NDA) you were operating under during alpha has been lifted. You may now share your experiences with Sandbox publicly if you wish to!

Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks!



Don’t be so modest, @Judas! You’ve done better in Sandbox than that.


The only difference is that Litter everywhere :slight_smile:



So @Judas, where’s your new public blog gonna be?


:grinning: You really need to ask that ? In the litterbox i think.


FWIW I found the forums today and I’m just a guy who downloaded the beta and signed up for an account, no NDA or anything. The link was on this page:



“Draw upon and contribute to the collective experience on the moderated forums.”


Why do we not have a script section in the help and support category ?
What happend with the old script section. Not see it quick back. (tablet screen :open_mouth:)