Forum keeps crashing during offhours


Just as a side note, when is this issue going to get fixed? takes the wind out of my sails when I cant refer to anything here :slight_smile: when the San Francisco Office is sleeping.


i was going to post about that but the forum was down


It has been down because of a server 500 error. That suggests some bad code was pushed to the WEB site.


I was going to post a reply to your post when the forums were down, but the forums were down.


It keeps happening everytime they are off sleeping. I tested their website at the same time and docs and they worked fine, but from what I have gather runs g on the Discourse Forum Blueprint that runs on Ruby On Rails, their Docs run on another Ruby on Rails Instance. Meanwhile while their website runs on PHP,


sorry guys! Ideally we need to get a more robust setup for the forums. This is something we need to do soon. I will get that on the agenda for Friday.


In case it helps troubleshoot – even when the forums are down other discourse pages seem to load. For example, 404 pages like (if clicking that link from here within the forums you might have to load in a new tab/window to see). Note that 404 pages appear to display the top 10 titles of latest/popular posts from the forums (suggesting the possibility that discourse’s machine brain is at least partially conscious during these outages).