Forum problems with tablet


One of the problems i complained about before, it’s not fixt. and on tablet there more problems.

The first problem is still that when you type a message you not see what you type because the keyboard is on top. of it. and you cannot scroll it up because there are still not white spaces add below the edit fields. the silder is now complete at the bottom, no spare space below.

So you keep open and close the keyboard.

The other problem. i cannot edit the topic header without fotating the whole tablet in the wrong position. same with suggestion box. It cannot be closed until i rotate the table.

Because it’s tablet the resolution is low and 1368x768 the font need to be large, 125% browser am not sure.

Anyway, when the screen is rotated it does not fit on the screen to. zthe topic cannot be set !


We’re checking in with Discourse (again, and with the additional info you provided here) to see what they say. :slight_smile: