Fragment Shader (.fs) Marketplace Upload


Hi, I just submitted a fire.fs for approval. I had to rename the file to .js for Marketplace submission.
@chris has seen it and it is posted in the Sandbox.
Now there is a shader section category for MP.
I’ve added Forever Flow in Box and Sphere flavors.

My first shaders uploaded to MP were simply .fs files renamed to .js I will ask for them to be removed. New versions will have the shader integrated into a Prototype element using a piggyback from @jericho Quorroball. This will make it easy to simply run a script and have the shader appear.

If you’d like to run the .js file before it is available on MP, run script from URL:
It will create an instance of a Box or a Sphere, if Box, find it in the edit panel, and rescale to Natural Dimensions. Not sure if that is a bug or not; but the Sphere shall render normal (expected size) you can then simply remove the .js file from your list of running scripts. The Entity will remain.

Just ported a new shader from IQ. Requires custom noise function for lack of z and no external texture support (and because I’m lazy… :slight_smile: )

You can grab it at


New Marketplace

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Id be excited about this but well , I’ve been burned before.

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i spent a weekend looking at shaders - playing on ShaderToy and in the magic library. I was blown away. i realised a lot of what we daily see -screensavers, wallpapers etc are shaders , but the code is something else, here algebra is art for sure.

Once I accepted that i could never (ever) write that kind of stuff i began to think of directions/uses shaders could take in HiFi and depending on how you want to use a virtual space, there are lots

  • fire, water, mandelbrots, lavalamps, fly over terrains, race tracks, graphing, clocks,short animations, swimming fish. flying birds.