Framerate and Teleport


Well my Mac is old and so my framerate always is low. Yesterday at the meeting in the sandbox the framerate was 1. So I come at boundaries with hifi.

Until now I not fully understand, what the framerate influences. First of all I see - if I teleport, the framerate always goes down and it doesn’t go back to the old values, if I teleport back to the old place, but it again goes down. So here something seems to summarize, what dos eat resources.


I have also noticed interesting frame rate fluctuations.
Things I have thought about:
♫ I have a dedicated machine on a DMZ that could be stealing bandwidth while it runs Stack Manger.
♪ Force port forwarding to Interface.

I’m not suggesting either of these things fix the issue; I’m just adding my thoughts. @Judas and @thoys also noted my framerate drop significantly and offered suggestions like Level Of Detail tweaking in Interface settings. While this has it’s benefit, it eliminated key components of the render frame, and therefore I leave it alone.


V-Sync : on >> find it, and turn it OFF. :wink: and Framerate >> Unlimited.
Frames went from 60hz (monitor rate) up to 170 fps (screenshot) O.o I was poking around and seen that…

Frames up to 399 in the SANDBOX!!! WOW. @chris How many machines do you guys have running that place?