Framerate issues GTX 1080 Latest PR


I’m not sure we can blame this one on @Judas :wink:

See framerate in stats:


I beg to differ. I am sure we can find a way to blame @Judas


Just to cover the bases, have you tried disabling shadows to see if that helps at all? Also, for sake of documentation, which PR build specifically are you on right now?


I should ktx the place but I’m worried if I try to do the entire domain it will mess up cos of floating something maths domain big failure whatsit


whatever happened to: “It’s @Thoys fault?”


Ikr, some how I know he at the root of all this


I’ve visited this exact spot previously with typical framerates. Build number is in the screenshot; I think it’s 7150? idk…

No @Judas I don’t think you caused this one, hence the ‘bug’ label. :smile:

I can try again tonight using and even stronger machine with 1080Ti, or perhaps HF can’t handle 4k?



I get the same results as u only pointing that direction. I dropped in to prove you wrong lol


Ok - so you’re on 7150 which is the last RC (55). Current dev build is 7246 and RC 56 is in its QA cycle for release now. Couple of things you could do to help… try one of the later DEV builds like 7246 and see if problem persists ( ) or, start working backwards below 7150, but that can get difficult if you go newer/older as you’ll likely hit a point where you get protocol mismatch error.