Framerate low / not smooth build 3125


The framerate on build 3125 is very unreliable. moving around can be very choppy and not smooth. You get sick when you rotate around. It’s very choppy with updating the screen. The framerate is below 50fps and can drop to 30fps. Normal i get 60+fps on empty sim i reach 99fps. The terrain in HQ is flashing to.

Some thing that need to be fix for the next meeting. Otherwise i beter go back to around 3115 that seems to be much more smooth

Build 3125 is good to make you sick/


The framerate is still terrible bad and low on windows 10
Only 33FPS at earth, panning left or right is really still terrible.

It feels more like things are running at 12fps or lower.

I hope this get fixt very soon, it’s not workable. It makes you sick. Build 3149


really turn off the little mirror view


The learned me to look in the mirror :smile:

I turned it of and throw it out of the window. framerate seems a bit better. but it still is bad.
Mabye there’s to much debug code and offcorse not optimized code.

You also notice some slowdown in movement when you pan left or right and hit a place where the visible framerate oin the screen seems to drop. (not the stats counter) It still drops below 60fps etc.