Framerate slowdown. (with video/stats)


I found something similiar what some other alpha’s have. But the strange thing is that fram a distance it works good. when i get closer to the object the following numbers start to drop dramatical movement get very jerky when i get very close to the object. Build 4468

  • simrate
  • framerate
  • render rate
  • avatar simrate

Framerate can be a few frames lower then normal because the video capture software. but the same effect happend without the software active. and am running on GF980 so i do not expect that this happens and it looks like a bug.

See the video, it’s recorded on @Earth


Sticking your noise or climbing in a tree is still a bit idea. the framerate seems a little bit more stable but it still jumps into all directions. Bigger problem is that the client interface start to gte not responsive and locks short my avatar anbd control to steer it.

Intressting part is that it only happens with the snappytree tree’s on earth. the snappytree’s i made on my domain do not have that problem. but my domain have less content too.