Free Avatar Model: Play and Learn?


I found this website and Darrin Lite’s steampunk model for free here: Free Blender Models


I knew it was 2 good to be true
you CANNOT use the product to:
5. Create any pornographic, obscene, immoral, libelous, defamatory, or unlawful works

allways a catch huh


Slightly related question for anyone:

I recently imported a non-rigged avatar into Mixamo Fuse 2.0 and it was working fantastic within their web based application. The character would animate correctly when any package was applied…

but there is a catch…

I downloaded the .fbx from the web application and imported it into Blender using our little Grizzly-hack .py addon. It was missing eye joints and a few other things. I didn’t think this would be an issue; so I exported the .fbx FROM blender using known menu option choices specific for HiFi (I’ll just call that the “judas-set” copied from a video WAY back when)

Anyway, when I use Interface to Package the Model it creates the .fst and I follow the instructions and process for all of my .fbx and .fst versions. I’ve tried nesting the .fbx (packaged as is from Interface) I’ve tried direct drop of Fuse into HiFi… I’ve tried many things…

The Avatar imports into HiFi and it IS rigged, but the arms are crossed and I was curious as to why? I can provide data and screenshots; hell even a video if needed. I believe even if this process is a ten step program, we could get folks to work on avatars; but the pipeline HAS TO BE SOLID.

I really want this sorted out; and I believe it could be a combo of user error and .fbx read-in but I need help to figure this one out. Chime in when ready to take a swing at it…

cc: @Menithal @ozan @chris


The reason why the arms are crossed are because the resting pose is not an 90 degree T pose which is used as the binding frame for the animation which high fidelity seems to have started to use instead of full rotation overrides (some of my older experiments broke because of it).

Ill explain it abit more in detail once I finish my video, it may take a while to do, as I am also making an example avatar along with it.


Check it’s correct in hifi before you take it In blender