Free Money for stress


The stress test

$25 just to hang out with us lovely people


… Looks at calender. nope not 1 april. :grinning:

Are you sure this is really from from high fidelity ?
Because it uses a docs page.
I would do things like this on the official domain name.

Psst, and what about existing users on the list…


I’d be totally happy with a T-shirt :wink:


Ah the digital divide never felt so painful. Virtual tears are lifted from my unencumbered face into the crystal wind, as I raise my RL hands shaking my fist at the overlords while my avatar self stares ahead sullenly, arms settled stiffly by his side.


Post this on r/Vive and r/Oculus.

That said - Wish I had an HMD :frowning:

Edit: Just posted it on r/Vive.


Hi All-
The ad is legit, and we’re offering a small reward in the hopes of drawing folks from outside the established community.
Thanks for posting to r/vive. It certainly got us a lot of signups, so we should be able to get some great data. :slight_smile:


Looks like the form is no longer taking submissions. Will we still be able to hop on and test, just not receive money?


Was just about to ask. I don’t mind stress testing without any payment. The events are also a lot of fun to attend.


Im sure the more the merrier. Im excited to see how many will show up, reading the Reddit posts it seems like its a tricky time to attend. It would be so cool to get 200 in.


hello, i cannot access to the form, is that normal?


Ill be there i hope everything is fine, iam ok with doing this stress test tho if i can do it and get paid, this is more fun xD


I think we’re going to be far over capacity for tomorrow, which is why I shut down submissions for now.

We will continue to have options for paid testing so I will be opening signups again, but probably not for a few more weeks.


To participate can we use the steam version, or do we have to install the standalone?


It will be the development version available here

Top tip change the path when you install it so u don’t replace the release candidate version unless your using the Steam version when it’s not a problem


Also, you are encouraged to wait until 1:30PM PST before downloading the dev version. This is to ensure you get their latest bits.


This is quite frustrating, iam registered and following HIFI progress since the very first days…

I had less than 48h to be informed about this test… and form been full very quick…

Was all happy to inform many old folks from HIFI about this test but since its already full idk what i can tell them, just login?? well…



I totally understand your frustration. We’ve been advertising for testers for several weeks now so I’m sorry we didn’t get the word out better.
I’ll PM you for the information we need to set you up in the system, but I still can’t guarantee that we will have space. :frowning:
Just logging in will not allow users to participate in the stress test unless they have tested with us in the past 3 weeks.



You’ll need the latest dev build which won’t be baked until 1:30 and you must be on the whitelist. If you have already provided me a username or if you have participated in the past, you should get an email with the instructions some time between 12:00 and 13:30 PST today.


Darn, I read about this test 2 days ago and thought Step 1 was supplied by doing Step 2 i.e. join to create an account, then eventually download the software and wait for the test. I just saw the title is a link to a separate document instead of just having been a post that was written using google docs
Oh well, if there’s any space left, let me know.



Do we need to download this dev client (6066), if we have already High Fidelity via Steam ?