Free Resources Showcase


Check back frequently, this post will be constantly updated as I remember to add things!


Outworldz Textures
Missing that early-SL look? Outworldz has tons of free textures and resources intended for OpenSim users. Low-resolution.
has some fantastic, high res textures. However, you must give attribution that links to their webpage somehow.

Normal Map Generator
Just drag your image in and get a normal map out. Uses the light and dark areas of an image to guess where normals should be.

for creative commons music and images…
Note that textures must be embedded with the model / follow their TOS



Coming soon


Online Tools

glTF Viewer
Drag in your gltf file, texture, and .bin file to test or view your model.


Offline Tools

Photoshop alternative. Although GIMP is notorious for its horrible UI and crashing, it’s really improved in the past few years. Great for quick manipulations. Cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)

3D modeling. UI is difficult for beginners, but a free and open source alternative to Maya.

Maya and other Autodesk software is free for students with an .edu email. You get new versions of the program for 2 years, but you own the version of the program you get for life. Other restrictions apply.


Plugins (Blender)

Menithal’s Blender Hifi Plugin
For scene composition and avatar rigging. See the thread here.

Blender glTF Exporter
An alternative to .fbx for imported objects in High Fidelity. glTF is my format of choice for mesh objects.
I am making a tutorial on how to set this up soon.


Uploading Models
24hr temporary storage. Great for prototyping.

Digital Ocean Spaces
Free for the first 60 days. Easy to use. Max 250gb before overages apply.

Amazon S3
5GB free for a year. Not as easy to use.


Problem with outworldz textures is that the are designed for seconlife / opensim. And the quality can be a bit to low for VR and things look blurry. Yes someti es i use one, if objects are small.


Textures: Note that textures must be embedded with the model / follow their TOS



Do you think I should add these resources to my post or just leave this thread as a rolling thing?


Add them to the OP. Easier for people to keep track of like in the Blender Asset Creation Thread


Just wanted to add another great texture resource to your list: Every texture I’ve encountered so far has been public domain / cc0 and free for anyone to use for any purpose.