Free starter sandboxes


I made a simple website to download starter demands. The content is the zipped back up of the domain. All the content is included. Simply download the zip and upload the backup to your domain. All the content is hosted on your sandbox. So there is no external links you will have to worry about disappearing in the future.
All the content is pretty small. So you can run this server at home.


Those look great! Very kind of you to share them! :smiley:


I have added a new free Sandbox to my website.
A beautiful Sci-fi home Cinema. Perfect to hang out with a couple of your friends and watch some videos. I did not add the scripts required 2 add overlay and make the frame rate better. I do not have permission to distribute those. But I’m sure if you ask around you should be able to get one. There is also a wonderful Chrome plugin that can allow you to watch videos together. And George set up some wonderful syncing servers for nodejs so you can watch together. Maybe in the future we can have a built-in sync video property.



19-01-18_01-42-11|690x361](upload://yBO qxpLQE3h8GONbW5SVZAueqgA.jpeg)