Free unlimited file hosting


Others may already know about this but I just found a site for free unlimited file storage. Any formats are fine. Super easy to use. Upload file with a simple click and then you receive a file link and a delete file link.


The way HiFi works with downloading something for use in the world, it needs direct access to it. No “waiting page” so to speak. From their website FAQ I noticed this:

Is direct linking to files (hotlinking) allowed?
No, hotlinking is disabled. You must use the download page link you are provided after upload.

This is good for sharing something with another member but to actually host a file like a .fbx or something like that for in world use it will not work, which will come in handy as more stuff is added like with animations etc.


I also use Amazon S3 and set up a static website with it.

You can also use if you sign up, put the FBX in the ‘Public’ folder of dropbox and link direct to it.

Here is an example:


Yes, I soon figured out that this site won’t work for our purposes. I’ll use one of the other suggestions.


That’s right on, Chris! I remember you saying something about Amazon but I got lost on their AWS page and gave up. lol. That’s great. And I was wondering if we could make Dropbox work some how! Now I know. :wink:


The dropbox option is an awesome one. I can tell you that for AWS, the free transfer you get is for one year and has restrictions etc you have to watch and can end up costing you in the end if not monitored. Your first year starts from the first day you signup and is not always user friendly for someone who does not want to “manage the cloud” so to speak, but that is my opinion.

For anyone interested the Amazon link for the first year is: - I will also warn you it requires a credit card to “sign up” for your first year.

I have a machine that is really not in use and it has at least (sometimes more) 100Mb unmetered line:

I could setup something there, I am open to options but I am not putting up a file sharing script since I want it to be something that people here on HiFi can use. My best idea was a hosting control panel and FTP accounts to protect uploads but allow direct downloads. If anyone has any other options let me know.


If you are new to Dropbox like me, it seems you now have to upgrade and pay a monthly fee to have a directly accessible public folder.


Actually for public I have one on my free account, maybe because its so old but info here: with direct link to “enable it” per that page:

You can still try it and see.


Dropbox changed it in 2012. "Currently only Pro and Business users may enable Public folders from this page."
But on the bright side, I finally found a site that allows direct links, unlimited storage for the most part, and is totally free. Once you figure it out, it is very easy. I finally got my first model to load after trying for a couple of days. hip hip hooray!


You ought to post how as I have never actually thought of how or even to use for something like this.

As for drop box, that would make sense being I have had my account since 2008 and 12 gigs of “free” storage.


Ok, here are some quick instructions for for those who are still looking for a free, file hosting site.

Once you have signed up and logged in, this is the home page.

Click on the blue Upload File in the top right-hand corner. You will get another upload page.

Click on Upload Files. You then get a page where you can choose your files by dragging and dropping, or manually selecting.

On the next page, give the page (think of it as a folder) a Page Title, Description, and Subject Tags. It doesn’t really matter what you put in here. Since I am working on avatars, I just enter Avatar Test everywhere!

You also have the option of choosing whether or not it is a Test Item. I choose Yes because that is all I am doing now. Any test item will be removed after 30 days.

When you are done, click Upload and Create Item. This page will open when everything is loaded.

Cliick on the “https” link and you will get a list of all your files in that item.

Right-click on the fbx file and Copy Link. Voila, you have your direct link.

Once you have done this a couple of times, it is very quick and easy!


You taught me something new, never knew you could use it like that! Good writeup!