Freedom versus Restriction


It’s a nice thing to allow people to fly, to teleport, to point-teleport and soon to decide if they can collide or not.
But each time such freedom is granted to people, if there is no way to decide if we restrict those aspects for a specific location, we lose all a range of possible activities that can be done in-world.

If we consider what we can do in a virtual world. Socialize is one thing, but doing activities with people is definitely something important to have people start to do it.
All a range of possible activities is based on the game pattern. (any kind of games)
Games have rules, and if we can freely bypass those rules, the game might cease to be interesting. (Would you play to a game where everyone cheats?)
The game pattern might sometime become a serious thing. When there is a competition, a prize or a title, be able to break the rule is just not acceptable.

If everybody can do everything everywhere and every time, without any way to apply restrictions, the world might become seriously sterile.

Let’s take an example of a very very basic game that is already impossible to build in HiFi: (and that will be soon even worse)
“King of the Hill”: You have a structure “The Hill”, where the goal is to be and stay the top of it while other people climb with the same objective.
This game can’t work if people can fly or can’t fall.
Point-teleport makes this unfair as you can jump over people.
Teleport would let you go directly to the top.
Be not collidable makes you impossible to be pushed down.
This game will never exist in Hifi, as there is no ability to restrict each freedom that has been granted.

And you can have similar issues with a lot of activities. (Ex: Sports, Exploration area…)
What will be the value of a maze if you can cross the walls, fly over the walls, point-teleport on top of the wall, or just teleport the other side? Mazes become very uninteresting in those conditions.

We need the Yin AND the Yan, not only the Yin, not more than only the Yan.

My 2 HFC.


One man’s meat can be another man’s poison:

  • While flying is crucial for an air race it is poisonous an outdoor mace.

  • While avatar collision is crucial for all kinds of sports games it kills all fun of “kissing” each other in VR.

  • Etc…

—> We need more freedom for the domain owners to design their restrictions!


Indeed, it needs to be possible to restrict everything by zone and identity and ideally it should be dynamic, I.E. controlled by scripts.

Even in the aforementioned air race, there could be spectators which need to be prevented from flying.