Freelance gig for HiFi developer/model maker


I’m a film director and professor working on a thought experiment within Hi Fidelity. I’m asking this question: Can some principles of interactive theater provide a framework for exploring how to tell visual stories in a VR environment?

To this end my experiment involves running an interactive, semi-scripted story/play/experience using five actors, playing to an audience of one, in realtime, in my home domain. I have created a very simple “city block” in my home domain using buildings from the HiFi marketplace to serve as the location for the story. I’ve written an interactive fiction script (7 pages, very simple) and am in the process of recruiting and rehearsing actors who will wear avatars, act out the roles of characters, and perform to a single audience member in a live “performance”. My goal is to rehearse and perform the story, interview the participants, and present a paper detailing this case study at an upcoming academic conference.

While I have become more and more comfortable operating in High Fidelity, I am not a world builder, 3D model maker, or coder. I can edit objects, I’ve figured out how to import 3D models from other online sources, and can host them on my S3 Amazon server, but I can’t fix things in Blender or troubleshoot when something goes wrong during the import.

So I am hoping to hire someone who is to assist me in areas where my skill sets fall short.
I am seeking someone to do the following:

Replace my temporary buildings with 3D models purchased from TurboSquid or some other 3D model online store. I would like to use 4-5 buildings and copy/paste them around the “city block” that I’ve created. Nothing too fancy, but hopefully something nicer than what I’ve been able to do (i.e. 20 tea houses and 20 urban loft apartments, haha). My home domain is called “newnewyork”, for anyone who wants to see my very lame work.

Help me source and place into my domain one large 3D building with an interior similar to the “mansion” building that was, until recently, available in the HiFi Marketplace. This will be where much of the story plays out.

Help me source and place into my domain a few key “props” that the characters in this story use (a book, some other simple hand props).

Provide me with some guidance (i.e. answer some questions) as I flesh out the project. Things like how best to use the chat function so I can communicate to actors in various locations on my domain. How best to build the “city block” so as to be able to host 5-6 avatars at one time without slowing everything down. Stuff like that.

I am striving to keep things very, very simple. I am not interested in overreaching or making this project overly ambitious. I am more interested in the conceptual part of this rather than creating the perfect audience experience. Failure is acceptable, but I’m hoping for some degree of success.

While I do not have a lot of money to offer, I am willing to scale the workload to fit the comfort level of whoever will take on this job. What I mean is this: I have $500 to offer. If anyone is willing to work with me, I am willing to accept your interpretation of what $500 worth of work is for you, assuming we are both operating in good faith. I simply can’t do it on my own, and this is all I’ve got, so I’m willing to take whatever I can get for that amount.

My goal is to refine my “city block”, figure out some of the other technical/conceptual considerations and “run the story” by mid-March, in time for the conference in April.

Please email me at: and I will gladly share more information, answer questions, share visual references, etc.

I have greatly enjoyed my experiences so far in HiFi. I am hopeful that my work might add some food for thought as we all imagine what exactly HiFi can be and can do.

Jason Moore


There is a script called record.js . I think got fixed that lets you record a group of avatars movement and speech then play it back in world . May be your bag


Would be great to record all this for the conference - thank you so much, I’m going to test it out today!