Freeze or black screen on the localhost but not on the playa


I am trying sandbox with Vive. After I clicking “Go Home” I found that it is very slow to load up the environment and it even get freezing and black screen during loading. And when the loading looks like done, the screen get freeze if I turn my head. I can’t play with it. And the graphic driver (I have GTX 980 Ti, 32G RAM and i5 6600K) has recovered several time during the loading. Any suggestions?


Work is being done to improve things for those with i5 CPU. I feel your pain and hopefully it will not be too long before that situation improves.


I just swiched to i7 on my motherboard. Sandbox works fine now! Thanks for your suggestion, @OmegaHeron ! And hopefully your improvement can be done soon!


Well, it’s not my improvement :wink: I’m just one poking things with sharp stick to make others care about improving.


You should be able to see substantial improvement with latest devel builds and in next RC build. It’s working well on my i5 6500 + GTX970 GPU now. Tracing with xperf and running through Windows perf analyzer shows much much better stats.