Frequent crashes in vr. this program only


Hello, I am having a pretty major issue. Every time I launch HiFi in vr I appear and a few moments later it crashes. I have talked to people with similar or even slightly worse specs who do not have this issue. I have excellent internet speed and am connected via Ethernet cable and my GPU software and drivers are all up to date. Is there anything else I can try? please help!


It helps to know:
Which build of Interface?
Which CPU?
How much RAM?
Which GPU?
Mac, Windows, Linux?

Now you said ‘in VR’, so:
which HMD?
Using steam version of Interface?

When Interface crashes, do you get the “Dang!” crash report window? Or, does it just disappear?


A vive
Steam version but I’ve tried both
I5 6500 but I have an i7 I will upgrade to in the next few days.
16 gigs ram
Amd 490 8gb gpu
I don’t know which build of interface. The latest I think.
i do get the crash screen and I have sent several reports


OK, maybe the AMD, and since you sent reports, the HF folks might have an idea what’s up.

cc: @chris


I have very similar specs and experienced crashes identical to this. Since I was troubleshooting like you I’m not exactly sure how I solved my problem as I tried so many things. Ultimately, the last few things I did right before everything worked well was updating my graphics card driver, uninstalled the steam version and only ran the desktop app, “connected” the desktop app to steam (I think this is so the desktop app will automatically launch steam vr so that the vive will connect with the app, but I’m just guessing). I also changed the steam vr setting to “vr beta” as per some other troubleshooting guides I found on the web. But for me the final piece that seems to have fixed me was the ethernet cable. All this on the latest build (33 I think). Good luck! Hope someone here can help you.