Frequently used Solutions to Issues after Updates


So these are the solutions I provided @Draxtor prior to the VR event today, and its a basic solution I use for most issues (not to do with usability) one can encounter in High Fidelity.

I also use it quite frequently, when-ever I accidentally corrupt my setting file (which is damn easy to do) or want to make sure I have a “Clean-install” sort of state on my client.

Clean-everything solution to most issues in High Fidelity after update (Windows)

Note this will reset your client to install settings so make sure to backup your avatar, avatar attachments, settings among other things, and where to find your scripts. And any other script setting, is placed here.
(I think some of these informaiton should be separated into separate files later on, like “scripts.json”, “attachment.json” etc.)

This is cure-most solution to any issue involving lighting, window placement, some odd glitches, scripts that cannot be removed, etc.


%APPDATA%\High Fidelity

Delete Interface.json. This deletes any setting you may have configured

%LOCALAPPDATA%\High Fidelity\Interface

Delete the entire folder. This will remove all the cache.

The next solution is for any user with audio issues. So far I’ve only seen @Draxtor and me have this issue, so putting this out here so that others can also find it and greeters can refer to it if they spot someone who can’t understand them.

Solution for crackly / low bit sound Jittery Sound

Could also be an issue with ASIO supporting soundcards

Old demonstration of the issue but OLD method of fixing it

On some drivers and soundcards, like on my Essence STX or what ever sound card @draxtor uses, or on some connections you may have some bad issues with audio.

Current solution for such in the current version of the client.

  1. Enable Advanced settings and Developer Menu
  2. Go to Developer > Audio > Buffer
  3. Increase both buffer frames to 7. Play around with the values going down and up to find the sweet spot as this part is very specific to user…

CC: @Caitlyn, @Jazmin pass this on to the greeters.

Unable to launch High Fidelity, crashing at launch RESOLVED
Audio Not Working - Including sample audio test is scrambled

Not call this a solution. More another Arrgh on top of the Aargh. The last thing you want is restore all the settings everytime. Clean install fine. But only if you can easy backup and restore the settings.

Same reasons why i do a complete clean install this dayts with other programs lik Secondlife. It’s going to take dyas or weeks to get everything right.

AT some point qwhen high fidelity is more stable, it’s good todo.


This is basically a very quick way to do a clean install, just by deleting all the cache and settings instead of running the uninstaller which may not always pick up all these files.

Its also a solution that hits about 95% of the issues I’ve encounter others have and usually solves the issues they’ve been having after updates immediately. and it doesnt take long, just 2-5 minutes to do.


Anyway, the problem i hit. Are i think not setting related but more how things are implemented or missing. I hit more useablity problems.

The only thing that worked good is the handshake. That you cannot use in desktop mode ?


How can we trust a fox to fix sound issues when he himself doesn’t speak choosing instead to type on a board above his head :stuck_out_tongue:


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You were calm and had no voice but we carried through!

I will tell my grandchildren about this when the time comes and they are plugged into the Metaverse via brain/computer-interface so they will someday understand what we had to deal with ;)/