Friday 11th of July 2pm PDT


Hope you have had a great week. We are bringing in another guest to preform for us. Her name is Natasha and she is going to do some standup comedy. Here is a website of her current project .

We will be hooking her up with all the appropriate VR gear and will be recording everything. After the performance we will being doing a Q&A. and potentially playing a small game Thoys has been working on.


Is there a hangout today?

#3 hangout


Hi All,

That was so much fun. I thought the audio worked really well and the tracking was great. Here is a video of the hangout.


Here is the setup Natasha was wearing today:


I don’t know if you did anything to improve the audio, but this is the first meeting where voice did not break up on me. Yay! :smiley_cat:


Is it just me, or does anyone else don’t understand a word what Natasha says?


I only saw there was a meeting on friday, today (sunday) :confused:
I watched the video, and noted that it only has Chris’ voice for audio. The rest is so far in the background that they can not be heard. Maybe something to improve for the next recording? :smile:


Hi All, Here is a better quality version of the meetup .