Fun Building with Png Voxels


Fun with Png’s and Voxels

It’s possible to make models using png images.

Because a png can have transparency (alpha) we can do
interesting things in world with it

If you imagine the imported png being the bottom face of a
cube making a pixel 100% transparent places that pixel on the bottom face of
the cube. Making the pixel completely opaque  (not transparent) puts it on the top face of
the cube. A 50% transparent pixel is half way between.

Messing around with this idea in Photoshop, I made a few
snowflakes using different opacities of paint. Made the border of the image

And uploaded it using import voxels as a png

Due to a bug in the windows uploader it’s difficult to paste
it with any accuracy.

Edit paste voxel works but cntrl v doesn’t

thoys for scale


Truly I think Thoy should be the standard unit of measure in world. I’m going to build a house 3 Thoys high.

When looking at this, I immediately thing of what could happen with an stack of images for animation :slight_smile:


Besides stacks of images to turn into height-map animations, I’d love to be able to get a stack of static models and see them animate like this example on youtube:

One more example:


yeah but pretty SNOWFLAKES