Function of Assignments


I still do not understand the function of the assignments in the stackmanager.

  1. What is it for?
  2. How do you deal with the script window (http://(ip address):40100/assignment/)?
  3. What is so special about AC scripts?
  4. When do an entry appear under “Queued Assignments”?

Thank you!


Assignment scripts run at the domain level as opposed to in the client, the idea is the assignment script continues to run after you log out or leave the domain, regular scripts running in your client will stop running in the domain when you leave.

I dont think there is anything special about them compared to regular scripts except they are launched from the localhost of your domain instead of the client.

Check out this thread, it will also explain Queued assignments.

Running this script as an assignment should produce 3 bots roaming randomly about the corner of your domain.
(if its working, last time I checked it wasnt but I will check again now)


There are some issues with this script,
@chris maybe you can help us here, firstly the assignment client behaves differently now to the post (I know it is an old post and prob out of date thats ok)

Anyway it constantly kills the avatar server and It throws this error.

[DEBUG] [04/09 20:50:04] [agent] Uncaught exception at ( “” : “” ) line 17 : “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: ProcAnimAPI”

EDIT: the problem here is the public bucket has changed from whats in the script.
the new line should be
Script.include(HIFI_PUBLIC_BUCKET  +  “scripts/acScripts/proceduralAnimationAPI.js”);

But then it throws up about the raw sounds timing out, the urls seem to be ok so still need help please.


@Adrian What’s the difference between scripts run in the “Persistent scripts” section of the domain server’s settings page and scripts run via Assignment > New Assignment?


Thats a good question, and I cant say with any real certainty. But from what I have seen the persistent scripts dont engage an assignment node, but they both show up the same in the assignment debug logs.
Also the assignment scripts dont persist across stack restarts.

I’ll have to do some experimenting to learn more.


Hello Adrian,

This has helped me a lot. Many Thanks.