Fuse - Mixamo avatar - noodle arms


I have created an avatar using Fuse/Mixamo. Having overcome the problems of incorrectly displaying eyelashes and black eyes using Blender, I have now encountered a new problem: Noodle arms.

After uploading my corrected avatar I have noticed that when I wave my arms bend strangely mid-forearm, making them look like noodles. Some of the previous versions of my avatar that I have successfully uploaded (before I solved the problem with the eyes) did not have this problem. For some reason this latest version (with the eyes solved) suddenly has this problem.

I am not sure if the problem lies with something I am doing (or not doing) in Blender, or if it’s something in the upload process.

Any insights anyone can offer would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you!



Sorry, I also just noticed that the legs have the same problem when dancing. Help!


I solved those issues by simply not using blender :wink:
Here’s the solution I use.



But maybe there is now a solution with blender using the Hifi plug-in. Maybe someone can help you with that too.


Hi Alezia! Thank you for your suggestions. I have had a brief look at those links, but will look again in more detail. I suspect that when the Blender avatar is being saved it is including extra bones in the skeleton, or maybe something like that happens when the Blender avatar is loaded into High Fidelity.


Hi Kaylee,

As Alezia mentioned there is a blender plug in for high fidelity that will help you with your problem, the link to the forum topic is below.


Hi Tim,

Thank you! I really appreciate you sending me that information.

I had actually installed that add-on recently and tried to use it to solve the problem. Unfortunately while there is a video specifically about how to work with MMD avatars, there is nothing on Mixamo avatars. I tried a range of functions in the add-on, but nothing worked.

Later in the day I met with an experienced avatar maker in HiFi who mentioned that the problem may be to do with weighting of the bones and the body part and clothing associated with the bones. He suggested I look at some videos on weight painting in Blender and see if I could re-weight the Mixamo armature so that it worked properly in HiFi. I am in the process of watching the videos and learning how to do this.

Many thanks.



You see now why i found a way to avoid that. Re-weigth the armature for each new outfit I do was not an option. :slight_smile:


That was my next suggestion (no, honestly) i’m Guessing it was Cedar you were talking to.

Anyway, hope you get it sorted.


So after spending two long and frustrating days, I have solved a problem and created a problem. In relation to the problem of “noodle arms” (and legs), I discovered that if you export a Fuse avatar directly out of Fuse into Mixamo for rigging, the automatic rigging algorithm gives the joints incorrect weights which results in distortion of the limbs when you bend them (“noodle arms”). If you save the Fuse avatar as an obj file and then manually upload it to Mixamo, you get the option to manually set the joint positions. If you then put the avatar rigged by Mixamo this way in to HiFi, the weightings are all correct and the limbs work well in HiFi. However… rigging in Mixamo this way means you don’t get the bones (the… keys - I can’t remember the term) that animate the mouth!!! Two steps forward, one step back :sleepy:

The other problem I thought I had solved, that is the eyelashes and the eyes, has come back despite me following the exact same procedure as the time I fixed the problem. No idea why!

Will struggle on. I wished HiFi would just bite the bullet and recognise the fact that a lot of people want to make their own custom avatars with programs like Fuse and Mixamo, and come up with an algorithm that will fix these incompatibilities. Frustration could potentially turn a lot of prospective customers away.


Here’s a video playlist I did for the same issue…

It’s pre blender add on for HIfi but should still be relevant