Fuse... sigh...


It seems that I can’t use fuse more than one time without have to reinstall it…
(Recently it was lasting a month… then a week… then one session)
Anyone knows a solution? (Outside stop to using it?)


fuse from Steam or Fuse CC? no reinstall issues I have seen, but not really using it much anymore anyway in favor of @Menithal ’ s rig.


CC one… I will try Steam… I have nothing to lose anyway.


Do you happen to have the issue where it doesn’t start when you try to launch it? I have to launch the Adobe CC launcher and then click the ‘Open’ button for Fuse a bunch of times to get it to start, which still isn’t great, but is easier than installing if it’s the same issue.


That’s what I did last night… I press it 7 times and it finally lunch 3 instances… I confirm that it’s the workaround. I would have avoided many reinstalll if I could have realized that before :wink:

For once that clicking nervously many time on a button give real results… I will enjoy it. :wink: