Future of Virtual Reality Panel @ Discovery Communications 4/20 / Wash, DC



For anyone in the Washington, DC/ Silver Spring MD areas, the DC Virtual Reality Meetup Group (DCVR) has organized a “Future of Virtual Reality Panel” at Discovery Communications this evening.

Below is the agenda. If interested in attending, go to Meetup.com and RSVP through the DCVR group page. Please say hello to me if you are there! I am tall, thin, female and will be wearing red pants.
Best wishes.

DCVR #6 - DCVR @ Discovery: Future of Virtual Reality Panel
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Monday, April 20, 2015
6:30 PM

Discovery Communications
1 Discovery Pl, Silver Spring, MD (map)

We’ve got an incredibly exciting event for you this April!

We’re going to be heading to the Discovery Communications World Headquarters to have an awesome panel of local VR experts. Together, we’ll discuss the growth of virtual reality and how DC can become an important part in the coming VR revolution. We’re extremely lucky to have six VR experts with diverse experience in the VR community. Should be a great talk!

Virtual Reality is the future. At the DCVR panel, we’re gathering together six experts, each attempting to push VR forward in their own way. Afterwards, the entire DCVR community can gather together, try out demos and discuss the future of this awesome technology.


6:30 - Doors open, networking

7:00 - Future of VR Panel: The Technology

7:45 - Future of VR Panel: The Market

8:30 - Demos and networking

9:00 - Head to a nearby restaurant / bar to continue the party

We have limited space for this event - and you really don’t want to miss out. Additionally, due to the venue requirements, each guest must sign up on for the meetup individually and the guest list will be finalized 48 hours in advance.

This is going to be incredible! Can’t wait to see you all there.

Panel Participants

The Technology:

Yuval Boger (CEO Sensics, Founding Member OSVR): Sensics produces professional grade virtual reality HMDs. On top of running Sensics, Yuval is a founding member of OSVR, the open source virtual reality initiative dedicated to keeping this incredible technology available to everyone.

Gregg Wilkes (CEO Visisonics): 3D audio is crucial for great VR. So crucial that Oculus partnered with Visisonics to bring Visiconic’s 3D audio solution into the latest Rift prototype. Gregg will tell us how to ensure VR captures sound as well as sight.

Sean T. McBeth (Creator of Primrose & Psychologist.JS): Sean has created two incredible open source VR projects. Primrose, a “syntax highlighting code editor control for WebGL” and Psychologist.JS “a framework for staying sane while bending minds in VR”. He’s our voice for the developer community.

The Market:

Emiliano Ruprah (Director, Snake River): Emiliano recently premiered his innovative VR movie Snake River at the Washington DC independent film festival. He’s fascinated by the way we can use VR to tell new stories.

Chris Hessman (CEO, Machine Elf): Machine Elf has built a “standard for instantly viewing 3-D files within head mounted displays such as the Oculus Rift.” Their file viewer is an incredible way to introduce everyone from architects to realtors to the power of VR.

Jason Ganz (Cofounder, Agora): Agora is building social virtual reality presentations. Jason is fascinated by ensuring a massive takeoff of virtual reality. He’ll be speaking on how to get everyone from large businesses to schools to start adopting VR.

Moderater - Adam Zuckerman (Technology Innovation, Discovery Communications)

Can’t wait to see you all there. Remember to RSVP!


Right, so you may have noticed I got the date wrong. This event is April 20, not April 6.

This is just as well because now there is plenty of time for anyone in the area and interested in coming to do so!

Best wishes,