(future show) Live DJ @ OPEN!



Sometimes a guy can be his own worst enemy. I really put high expectations on myself; and two weeks past the first live show in High Fi, I feel a lot better about all we accomplished. It set the bar.

Recently, my two additional stack manager PCs arrived on-site. I’ve established them with Win10 and will be configuring them into my “open” experience after the next Beta Rel Candidate. I’m waiting until that build goes public; as I hear there are many MANY good things about it.

I already spoke to Judas, and wanted to let you know that while I still HAVE the assets from the show, I unintentionally lost their coordinate mappings during the Win7 >> Win10 migration. Give me a break I had 4 SYSTEMS in house to deal with. It was yet ANOTHER stressful week. :smiley: Don’t worry, our Jumbotron system and the domain itself are all still running full power and doing great. My early-week experiments with Judas (and last night with Thoys) have shown that there is no current alternative to VNC Desktop as a Jumbotron. It’s difficult, it’s cagey, but it’s really the only way at the present time.

I’m planning to examine the way ATP script executes and do a custom bit of code that restricts your access to a folder of my choosing. This will give artists the chance to build their set at will, and give me the domain operator peice of mind that any venue entities remain untouched and (more importantly) unseen/unnamed. I suspect this functionality will be built into Interface; but my guess is that a proper C++ integration will not occur for another 6 months to 1 year. It’s a tough nut to crack when done “correctly” I intend to just duct tape a solution that works for my specific purposes. In the future I want to be able to “save” these “stage setups” or “asset groups” with full coordinate placement (see worklist job google worksheet for assets) so that when Performer_A comes to me and says, “hey do you think you could setup [[my]] stage assets so I can perform later tonight?” I (or more likely their content team) can find the asset group that was pre-configured during the first show and bring it right into place for the next show. All I would have to do is organize the clean up of the show before them, and handle any technical challenges with the Jumbotron.

I’m meeting with my cousin later today to discuss my next live show at “open”… if you have any questions you wish to ask, please submit them and I’ll get them answered. I love all types of music, and played bass for years, but there is a need for this type of artist within Hi Fi too. When the time is right, I’ll be reaching out to Jess to get it upon the calendar. Also, pro tip: whatever bit rate and resolution you “push out” to the Jumbotron, is all that I have to “push out” to the public. Because I intend to have my cousin onsite I’ll be able to push a 1080 / 30fps stream to the Jumbotron (and hopefully figure out that scale issue) o.O


Dammit i left my car keys in there @.@