Future Vision of HF? What's the "vision thing"?


Hi there.

First of all: thanks for the invite. I just checked it out and it looks really interesting. I certainly like how we are able to upload mesh avatars already (although, I haven’t tried that out yet).

I do have some questions though, and I hope nobody takes offense at them. I’ve been browsing through the forums a bit, and it all seems very interesting and, obviously, some similarities exist with SL, but…

What’s the overall vision?

I realize that it’s in alpha, and that anything that I see on the screen is going to have to be considered crude at best. But what’s the overall idea behind it which differentiates it with other virtual worlds? (And yes, I’m thinking about SL here, with all its current faults). I mean, apart from Voxels (which are great), is there any sort of vision for what this would look like in the future? Is there some sort of capabilities list you guys are working?

I did read a thread about cryptocurrency, which is great. I’ve been a creator in SL for nearly 7 years, so I can definitely see how that would help.

I’m just trying to imagine what the game plan is here for the future.

I realize that I don’t work on your project, and I’m just a tester, but I sort of want to buy into it in a big way and get started early on with making stuff, experimenting with things, and perhaps even helping out one day (although…I am not a coder). So it would be nice to know what kind of future plan this has. =)

Thanks for your time. And I promise: I’m still interested. I just am curious what you all are planning for the rest of us in the future (and what is possible to talk about openly, of course. I realize that some things may not be discussable in public).


Hi @Summer and welcome. The best description of what we are doing at a high level is on the blog post Philip wrote a couple of weeks back. https://highfidelity.io/blog/2014/04/high-fidelity-system-architecture/ . One of the big components that we are spending a lot of time on at the moment is distributed scale . We are setting up a test for this allowing Alpha users to contribute their machines to the overall experience.

Along with Mesh avatars we also have mesh within High Fidelity.

We are very early Alpha so there is a lot of things to learn along the way and please do not hold back on asking questions or providing feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Alpha


She asked about the vision release the wolves.
@Thoys gave me the best explanation of Hf iv heard
paraphrasing what he said
if virtual world were the internet Hf wants to be Firefox. so I suppose like the doorway to virtual worlds and they are giving us the tools for us to create the pages.

Star trek explanation- Hf is like the Holodeck and were a sentient programme which just overrode the security protocols.

Scooby dooo explination Hf is the guy who runs the abandoned amusement park and were the Scooby gang

Dantes inferno version Phil is Dante and i’m Judas welcome to High Fidelity.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the info! I did see Philip’s blog post before I wrote these questions, but thanks for pointing it out again. But I’ll read through more of the blog posts to see what else is up and I’ll try to attend the meeting - although I fear that it will probably be way above my head for the moment. =) (Also, I’m on GMT +2 so attending meetings late at night for me can be a bit problematic, but I’ll try when I can).


Oddly enough, I kinda get the Star Trek reference, even though I wouldn’t have about 6 years ago. =)


Yes… the vision is exactly what I have been trying to get my head around for some time now!! I appreciate we are still in developmental stage… but still… I’d love to know the vision that has inspired all this (the Why) and then maybe we can start to think about and co-create the How and the What… So far no-one from HF has been able to really give me a sense of this - I’d love to know their thoughts :slight_smile:


It seems that we are sharing the same time zone. I have been thinking that if there is enough people from this part of the world we could start having meetings of our own at more convenient time. Of course they would not be the same at all if HF staff is missing but…


The way I’m seeing it, the vision is the foundation for a new open Virtual Space similar to the starting days of HTTP but with modern decentralised and resource sharing technology akin to BitTorrant. So i guess what the team are striving for is a HyFy 1.0 standards which could be released for the world to play with and build a new 3dWWW. Thats how i see it :-p


3dWWW? Didn’t we solve that with VRML? ducks and hides


ooh thats a sexy question that leads to a whole bunch of historical documentation XD


I am also in the central EU timezone (GMT+2, current UK time +1). Yes, definitely, let’s have meetings in our timezone. When do we schedule the first?


Heh. VRML.


lol. ;D


I just want to say that I’m heartened by everyone’s responses. I didn’t really think that my post would garner such interesting attention. Thank you for all the replies. =)


I always thought of opensim as being akin to apache, so I’m fond of the comparison of hifi to bittorrent.

I am concerned about how the loss of net neutrality is going to affect this platform (and VR’s in general). Has that been taken into account or is it too early to think about that yet?