Futuristic meeting tomorrow (in Second Life)


Those who still go to Second Life might find this event (tomorrow July 20) interesting. Some of the organizers and speakers are working to bring similar events to High Fidelity.

Terasem’s 12th Annual Workshop On Geoethical Nanotechnology, July 20, Second Life

Terasem’s 12th Annual Workshop On Geoethical Nanotechnology will take place as usual on July 20 in the Terasem sim, Second Life, with top speakers and talks.

The Workshop is always held on July 20 to honor the anniversary of the first lunar landing. This year’s workshop theme is “Using Geoethical Nanotechnology to Combat Climate Change.”


David Orban, founder of Network Society Research, faculty member and advisor at Singularity University;
Space activist and social entrepreneur Yalda Mousavinia, co-founder of Space Cooperative;
Scientist, tech consultant and top science fiction writer David Brin;
and of course Terasem co-founder Martine Rothblatt.

Full program and pre-workshop material here:


Hey, just noticed your name and wanted to say hi.
cheers, Giulio

  • Howard Stearns, late of croquet/qwaq/teleplace. (ok, late but not very lately!)


Hi Howard, good to see you here! So you are with HF now?

It would be interesting to discuss HF as a new home for the awesome conceptual innovations of Croquet and derived platforms.