FUTVRE LANDS: Best Avatar Contest!


On Saturday, November 17th, sometime between 12-4 PM PDT, we will be holding another ‘Best Avatar Contest’ at FUTVRE LANDS | Virtual Reality Festival presented by High Fidelity. We want to see and celebrate High Fidelity’s best avatar creators and the models that wear them. The winners will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges, and this time, also the people in attendance!

One grand prize winner will be awarded the HFC equivalent of $1,000 US and two runner-ups the equivalent of $500 US. HFC can now be converted to US dollars. For more information, read here


  • Entries must not violate other’s intellectual property
  • Users cannot have web or text entities as part of their costumes
  • Users cannot have avatar entities that are larger than 1 cubic meter
  • Users cannot use particles as part of their outfit

Contestants are encouraged but not required to use our flow script technology which gives clothes, hair and other attachments movement. Avatars can be humanoid or non-humanoid. Avatars can be photo-real or stylized.

To apply, fill out this form

Information on our Avatar standards can be found here


Uh… this one needs clarification. I doubt any artist wants to determine the volume size of their creations, so perhaps something else as a safer metric (like no taller than 2m, etc).


So I need to be smaller than this cube? My character is tiny

I think you guys mean smaller than 2 m tall and 0.7 m wide or something like that. There also is a question regarding to avatars with tails, as their bounding boxes can be bit, or small, depending on the angle of the bones placed.

Instead of volume you guys should use dimensions


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