FUTVRE LANDS - Favorite Domain Contest Voting Open!


We are pleased to announce the Favorite Domain Contest is open, and you are now free to explore the entries and select your choice for winner.

To start participating now:

  1. Goto TheSpot - a Vote app will automatically be loaded in your tablet or HUD
  2. Open the Vote app
  3. Select the Favorite Domain Tab along the top
  4. “Go” to all the domains listed (note that even though we are showing the domain’s name, these are copies of the domains hosted by us to make sure they can handle high concurrency). Clicking the Go icon in the app takes you to those domains.
  5. Explore each domain on the list
  6. When you have seen them all, you will be prompted to make a selection. You cannot vote unless you have visited them all.
  7. To vote for your favorite, click the checkbox icon on the domain you like the best and confirm your choice. These checkboxes will only reveal themselves if you have visited all the domains on the list.

The winner will be announced at the end of the festival, around 4:00 PM PST, on Saturday, November 17th.


Hi Ryan. My world is terribly broken with missing particle effects, lighting, sky box and smoothing information on most of the models.I did point this out in an email, but perhaps it was overlooked. I prepared a revised version that will hopefully fix at least some of the problems. If it is too late to replace the domain I would prefer to pull my submission rather than to have people wonder through a broken domain.


Yeah email me the new version and I will upload


I have send you a fix too, while I hope all will load now-)


Hi at all, and thank you all for your great work. I just wonder, if everything is loading right? A few domains was never loaded full (I think so, because I saw more, if I visited the original domain).

It is hard to vote, when you don’t know exactily, what you should expect. For example - this is what I see, when I visit EOScafe, hosted by HF (waiting minutes now on a 400 MBit Connection):


Finally I have seen it. @Sbin s Domain was also loading bad - but I have checked it on his server.

All in all I would have found it better if more information about the domains has been provided. What do I see there, what was the artist thinking, etc.? Is that what I see all - or is half of it missing because it doesn’t load? An accompanying website with pictures and information would have been nice.


Yes the Domain Server could perform a bit better.


So far all domains just…load very slowly.


I have a 38mb/s connection. I have seen the domains very occasionally hit the high 30s. The screenshot below shows what my connection usually looks like whilst loading the domains. It is quite painful.


I have visited a lot of VR experiences in the past two years. and I just want to say that Noz’aj’s Beyond domain was one of the best experiences in VR I have ever had, PERIOD. The only other thing that comes close to Beyond’s epic, monumental scale and atmospheric soundscape in VR is the Cyan game Obduction. Bravo, Noz’aj! You blew my mind with your creativity.:heart_eyes:


While real world art drowns in the excess of creating more stuff it’s the breadth of the unexplored which makes VR art exciting and wandering the portals of Future Worlds i move to sit in a carefully built media office bar at “TIMV” it is plush, media enabled chrome, red leather familiar who could want more? There is craft in every fold and seam, craft ? who would have thought it craft everywhere.

Alternatively it could be an abstract domain close to math, as in the expansive citrus yello and lime bad hair day shaders at “Xaotica” and if they are too much after a long day then dance in VR to the cool calm jazz music of "Astral Gallery’s" op-art shaders in lilac and serene ultraviolet.

Something for the kids maybe ? Come on over to “Fumbleland” to wander in a clever cute town of candy houses and organic gardeners. and from across the metaverse “EOS Cafe” where the montgolfier balloons and filligree bridges all frustrate my attempts to land but perhaps it was me

"Beyond" … eerie music the build is HiFi game ready lighting, materials and particles where a traveller looks outward from a ship, pulling focus to reveal a barren landscape around his/her marooned ark, classic cinema it creates a visual narrative from the outset. The safe interior is dark shiny modernist ribbed like a bronze whale where guardians rez to stand at the foot of stairs and demonstrate the power of the simplest narrative, the walk up the stairs is irresistible and poof … the forbidden fruit was bitten

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