FUTVRE LANDS: Videographer Needed!


High Fidelity is looking for a videographer to help us capture B-Roll of the upcoming
FUTVRE LANDS Festival, the first fully immersive VR festival ever! The videographers role will be to help us film the entire festival experience and capture areas of the festival that we are unable to capture. Hired users will receive 8000HFC (which is now redeemable for real $USD) after they submit their footage to us. We will provide a google drive link to submit the footage once completed. The hired videographer will be expected to film all 4 hours of the festival from 12pm-4pm PST on Nov. 17th. We can help you get all set up and let you know which areas to film prior to the festival and answer any questions.

Users who apply must have an advanced knowledge of the High Fidelity platform, experience using OBS, and background knowledge of filming standards and shot composition. They will also need to be available during the times of the festival.

If you or someone you know are interested, please apply here.


Love this! I so look forward to helping with the B footage for this historic event. It will be great fun!


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