Fuze To Highfidelity


Yet another Fuze tutorial


seams that you have found a fast fix for the eyeleashes, I will try it out soon.


no fast fix for any of it sadly

here’s the long fix


The Rotation thing doesn’t work for me. Unless you I missed something. Did you really test it?

For the opacity, since HF is supporting only 0 or 100% alpha and nothing in between, this trick never works really well. You will get a white parasitic border around your alpha, that can be only tinted by the material level color. With the size of the eyelashes in this texture, that will look like having two weeks of unremoved mascara.


these are the rotations and scale im using.I checked the avatar worked correctly with the discrepancey between the roatation of the rig and the clothes and it works fine in desktop and vr
The transparency in the hair is horrible looking tho, i much prefer sl hair


It still doesn’t work for me. There must be something else.



I also have trouble to get the transparency working from the files come from Mixamo / Fuse. It works well when I create a model from scratch in Blender.
The blender fbx import has many issues.


That looks like bad weight paints to me
Thats caused by it doing automatic weights
weights are the glue that bind the avatar to the skeleton

you can read up on it here


Why is it so much like SL skin in a way.
You think by now we have better tools to work with.


Is the avatar in your example have the same issue?


I haven’t really jumped around in it I’ll send you the link


Ok now that sounds interesting can it make avatar steam punk rat ?


Hi. How do you trigger the Mixamo animations?