Gallery for creative work


I’ve been working on the design of the gallery that I mentioned in the last meetup. It should be pretty laid back - if you want to install a piece there, no need to ask, since the userbase it so small right now. Any type of work is welcome: 2d work, sculpture, sound, anything experimental or crazy, whatever.

There are two main spaces: the outside space, which is more casual, and the inside space, which is a little more formal. There is a shallow “pool” in the outside space. In the future, I think there could be music playing in the outside area. Any feedback on the design/concept is welcome. The small blocks represent people for scale, and obviously all of the “work” on the walls is for example - the walls will be blank.

I’m still not entirely sure how I am going to place this precisely where I want it (along The Strip), since the current tools for placing models are a bit crude and unreliable.


Love it Kevin! I can’t wait to see it. I really like you are designing on graph paper really helps make it a perfect build.


Thanks. I am pretty happy with the layout overall, but the main reason that it is all right angles is that everything is voxel-based right now, so if you wanted to display 2d work against a wall, it needs to be parallel to an axis for it to be flat. If hifi eventually allows for polygon-based stuff, though, this might not be necessary in the future.