GDC presentation


@ozan and I gave a presentation at GDC at the Mixamo booth and I wanted to share the slides.


xD I love how you covered my empty DaBoom picture with one of @Judas pictures :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I have to spice the place up :wink:


@Konstantin sorry about that. I took his photo from random image so I could get a high end zoom shot. I have removed it ;> You do need to get an awesome shot up there ;>


Awesome, Great presentation! Hope you had a great show.


thanks @Triplelexx , GDC is fantastic and fun. HMD’s and wearables are everywhere. It is very exciting


I do like a nice prezi,
how do we use one in world? :slight_smile:


@judas you could build it out into a 3d amazing space! :>