Gear VR at HighFidelity


Hi everybody.
I am new at HighFidelity and I like to ask if the interface is compatible with Gear VR. If no, Any plan to do it? If yes, where I can find info about, because I google it and search at this forum with no results.
Thanks in advance



Right now there currently is no support. It has been also a quite a while since last it was discussed on Android Support. Some of the community managers, such as @caitlyn may be able to give a better answer: Right now though the requirements are quite high though.


Can I piggyback off of this, and say that support for Playstation VR “might” be accomplished. Not the same thing, but different hardware than originally targeted… so there could be hope in the future.


Hey all,

Alas no, we do not have support for GearVR/Android VR/PSVR platforms. We certainly understand the value of such platforms and would like to eventually support them, but the primary investment of our engineering resources have gone into the R&D of an innovate high-performance VR system from the ground up. As that core technology strengthens, we will likely begin to invest in other platforms.



Hey! Any possible update on Gear VR support?


They probably need to work out the Android support, which there yet has been done.