Getting Started


Its been not quite a year since I was first on HF. My original system crashed and took all my emails and everything else with it. Is there a primer that is available that I can refer to that will get me up to speed on getting started? I remember there use to be a centralized system in place that people would log into but it looks now as if everything is decentralized (??). If someone has a few links they could throw my way I would appreciate it.



HI Kevin and welcome back.
You refer to the Alpha domain, it still exists but most people tend to go to the sandbox for the early learning steps.

to go to the sandbox:
press ENTER key and type the word sandbox in the window and click enter again.

To go to where some people are click on their names at the bottom left of the interface and you will be taken there.

Ask those around you and you will get help.
Feel free to ask specific questions here on the forum and you will get help.

Sadly there is no real primer to point you to, we have been developing technical docs for some time and to a certain degree have lost touch with what it is to be a noob in this world.
Check out the docs here

But as I mentioned these docs are an attempt at cramming an enormous amount of information into a small space, the result is the docs can be seen as somewhat missing the “ultra noob” users who need the essential information in a short digestible form. They have been seen by some as too techy for the general user.
Try to find the specific subject you want to learn about rather than trying to read it like a manual.

We are in the process of creating more basic docs and videos to create a ground floor induction.


If it is any comfort Kevin, I am in the same boat as you. LOL. When I first logged in I would crash within about 30 seconds. Now after many months I tried again. I don’t crash but I can’t see much for very long. I don’t crash but after a few seconds in the sandbox everything including my avatar just disappears. But I dont crash. Progress.

I wish there was some kind of documentation, because I have tried to get to places with people and have yet to be able to. I know when I first logged on to Second Life I spent 3 days in the welcome area standing and staring until someone finally talked to me. So I figure that is the key. But I click on names, I type names, etc and nothing gets me to any people.

I have a feeling that a lot of my issues come from running on a 3 yr old Mac Book Pro and its capabilities. I also have a feeling that if I could actually see things in world it might make things easier to figure out. I kinda figure I am just not alpha material since I don’t have a computer that will run it properly. And I will just keep checking back periodically, until it actually works enough on my computer that I can figure out how the heck to do anything.



First logins and slow machines present a slow rez.
Sometimes you just need to stay logged into a place for several minutes before all the assets are cached on your machine.

Same with other avatars, you might be standing right in front of an avatar but nor see him for a few minutes, suddenly he appears, and the scene is the same, it will eventually appear.

Domains often seem to just disappear, but they come back, I think there is some network and port switching going on and you will see this a lot, if you dont see “Not Connected” at the top of the interface near the domain name you can assume the content will eventually rez for you, then next time you go there it will be faster to load.

Finding someone else inworld, check the domain you are in, and find a user logged in to a different domain, then click his avatar name, you should get moved to right in front of him, check the top to see if you actually went to his domain. If you did, just hang there for a bit and let the surroundings and avs rez up.


plenty of the locations in the directory are not there.rivenglen and such, lots of listed domains are down .They use to go from the directory list but they seem to persist regardless of state