Ghost glow trail with enititys , happens with avatars to


Do more see ghost trails with glow ? It just is very noticable now im testing the collision stuff. Red sphere and green type voxel wall. Also when i move the camera the glow keeps short visible on the old location. Its not clear to me why this entity is glowing anyway ? I hope you can see it on the video. This happens with avatars that talk to and you move the camera.

Are more seeing this ? Interface.exe problem or ?


New update, it looks like the editmodels is not removing always the glow from entity after you released the mouse button. I suspect theres a bug in the editmodels.js


Also noticed that but thought I was imagining it


Ah, just seen this thread after return from travel. All my mesh models on hifi://Vue have been glowing (that never goes away) and leaving bright glowing visual trails as I move the camera… it has been the case since the domain manager recent update and has been like this a few days now. See

And note this snap shot below taken when camera panned… to try to show you the bright visual glow streaks that appear for a few seconds from every mesh object (but not voxels) across the whole window…

Note that I am not in edit models mode or moving or editing any object at all. the glow is there just all the terrain the Interface and the visual ghosts appear just by moving the viewpoint or camera.

And below is what the previous sky dome with crinkled paper terrain looks like - a visitor will need STRONG sunglasses.

As a reminder this is what it SHOULD look like… this pic snapped the week before the update…


Ai​_​​Austin, for me the glow dissapear on my entity after i enable edit models and click it.
And yes its sow glowy in your place i need to run screaming away because it makes me sick.
strong glow anyway can make me sick faster. happy not wearing oculus.


The glow keeps on the entity if you have done edits like resizing the entity with the edit entity properties window. if you click it a second time, and then move the camera the glow dissapear.


The glowing entities and sickness inducing brightness was on all meshes after the update of the domain manager I think. I had not done any edit or invoked the edit models icon at all.

However, I just tried editing each mesh and moving it a little to save it but that made no difference. All my meshes including the now ludicrously bright crumpled paper terrain and skydome are glowing and leaving ghostly afterglows on camera move.

Only error I see in stack manager console is

QWindowsBackingStore::flush: BitBlt failed (The handle is invalid.)


@Richardus @Ai_Austin go to Developer>Render and turn off “Enable Glow effect”


@chris yes i know the option. but thats not fixing the problem. only hide it :open_mouth:
The problem appears with model -> edit properties, its enough to use the slider. then cancel the window and the glow stay on the entity. @Ai_Austin , i think your problem is just a bit different.


@Chris, changing a personal browser option is not a fix. This is seen by all users visiting a do ain and recently was introduced. The is a bug her. Turnig that glow option off will just mean you don’t try to find the recently intriduced problem(s). That is nit the purpise of alpha testing.

But I would be interetsed to know what the glow is meant to sognify and why its available as an on/off option. What does glow on a mesh mean?


@Richardus @Ai_Austin agree, I was wanting to know if that is what it is related to. What it is doing is applying applying Deferred lighting.


@chris "is applying applying Deferred lighting. " But am going to try it soon.


@Ai_Austin @Richardus one of the engineers knows why this is occurring from Enable Glow effect and will be applying the fix soon


@chris, ok just checked anyway to disable glow option, if you disable that, things look normal on @Ai_Austin domain.


@Judas @Ai_Austin @Richardus latest update has the fix in. Let me know if you see something different.


The ghostly glow on mesh objects has now gone. Thanks.


@chris The glow on @Ai_Austin domain is gone. the bug with glow that keeps enabled after you used entity edit properties still exists.


@Richardus is correct, I edited the height of one mesh a fraction in the Y direction on hifi://Vue and it now glows again.

Can someone explain what the glow is meant to signify and how long its meant to last when it comes on? It went off when I logged out and back into the Interface.


@Ai_Austin Try to click when in model edits the object again when its glowing. for me the glow dissapear. For some reason the mouse release dont handle the glow remove right, or the packet never arrives.