Git workflow for managing multiple sandbox worlds



I’m trying to setup a git workflow so that I can have different sandbox worlds I’m working on stored in different branches. It sort of works and means I can easily switch between worlds by checking out the different branches and resetting my sandbox server. It also means I can easily undo mistakes I make while placing objects or importing things, which I’ve found very useful.

However I am getting problems when I change things like my avatar or if I login and out again in one branch which resets the key’s locking me out of the other branch worlds. Also it’s a bit of a mental load balancing the avatar/interface setup across different branches.

I’m sure the solution to this is a well setup gitignore, are these the only files I want to track (ie ignore everything else?):
assignment-client* <---- (my understanding is that htis is where the entities are stored is that right?)

So then gitignore looks like:
Server Console/logs/
Server Console/

I’m not sure about the domain server account info. I think I’m happy sharing that across the sandbox worlds, but could that cause problems? also is it right to include everything in assignment client or should I excluded all that except the models.json.gz?

Any thoughts or issues with this approach?

Are there other (better) ways of doing this?