Give CREATE in desktop mode it's own (floating) window


Question for the big boss @philiprosedale .

High fidelity have so many good things. The realtime build mode. Did see the mirror yesterday that’s pretty neat !
The Tablet is not bad in VR. and it’s work ok in desktop mode… Except te color and font size of the marketplace.

But behind the good things are still problems. :roll_eyes:
Font size keeps one of my big enemies.

Now i where thinking, the tablet is fine in desktop mode. The only thing that is not fine in desktop mode is the Create tools. And that high fidelity not remember the tablet position between relogs.

My idea is that if the create tools would have it’s own (floating) window. Away from the whole tablet functionality in desktop mode. Things would work much better.

The current problem is, if your building something and have the create tools open. And then need todo soemthing else like going into text chat or adjust volume. The create tools close and you lose the current status of your work and where you where in the create tools tab and slider position.

So, how difficult would it to bring the create tools into it’s own (if possible floating window so it’s multi screen usable) window when your in desktop mode ?

In VR you use the current setup.

ADD: Moving the create window to other screen would give soem new option to fix the tiny font size for now to, Just by moving it to a lower resolution monitor. As long it fit on 768 pixels vertical.