Glass in model?


Has anyone successfully imported a model with glass who would like to share any tips? Much appreciated.


I have been trying to import a glass model…over and over again…but I am still only getting green boxes.
I take it your problem is other?

I was half considering asking if you were available to build something similar to what I am still unable to get into here. I have not given up trying, I just haven’t had much time to work on anything recently, beyond reading the forums. I do wonder, however, whether I am going to have to abandon my lovely, high-end models altogether…


I am working on @captian_Oculus building and of course it’s all glass. I haven’the tried to import yet. Will try this weekend. Any tips on what doesn’the work?


My model is nearly all glass as well, but I don’t think that is the problem for the failed import, since the glass is just the texture like any other. I don’t think being a glass building makes any difference at all.

I am not sure what my import problem is: material is assigned (make sure you remember to do this) and my share box is set to public (make sure you do this too), but still no go. I have not had much time to investigate and troubleshoot beyond these two obvious points.

The minute I have a chance to, I am going to try hosting models on GitHub instead of in a public box…although this should not make a difference .

Please let me know if you get your model in!


Make sure you are using Phong. I’m still learning texture in and outs myself, but I know from doing the avatars that Phong is what you want.


Yes, try Phong, I’m not sure of the exact requirements for transparency at the moment, but apart from that worth looking at alpha settings, default is raytrace, setting to zdepth might help.
You also can try enabling the alpha channel check box in the material. Maybe something like that will help.


If you ever understand this, do me a favour and translate it to me. I searched for the answer to “what is Phong” and I got repeated references to Vietnamese names.

I have a lot of transparency issues that had to be dealt with by REMOVING the part of the build that contained the transparency. Sadly this can’t be done on EVERYTHING (IE wine glasses etc.)


I have ‘glass’ surfaces in my build.

I’ve achived this by setting the alpha value of the transparency options in a material and assigning that to the relevant faces.

One problem I have, is cascaded and multiple transparency layers won’t work. It’ll only render the first glass layer and omit any behind it. I’m for now basically holding off on progressing with my build till it becomes clearer what the intended behaviour should be, and how the renderer progressives in relation to this.


It’s the specular setting that can be set to Phong, not sure if that makes any difference though.
Transparency section I highlighted may be critical.

I don’t know much more myself at the moment till I upload more models.


Okay, I have very limited understanding of blender. Where can I find this? (and will it translate after the necessary step of using the asset converter)


It’s under the material section of the properties window.
I don’t use an asset converter, are you referring to the Autodesk FBX one?


Someone posted it in the forums here a while back and I’ve found it indispensible for successful importing of objects WITH textures!


its borked save ur effort. I understand they are working on a graphics update that will fix it tho


Ah ok, yeah I still had some funny results today after playing with those settings in Blender.


I also have experimented a bit with glass in blender. For the left vase I have used a half transparent png texture. In the texture channel I have activated “use alpha”. In the material channel I have activated transparency and set alpha to 0.0.
The flowers are made in the same way. Full transparency I get with a clear png texture and setting alpha in the material channel to 0.01.

Blender and alpha, why is that so hard. and then we have alpha with high fidelity

can you do a gradient black fading to transparent?


Here we go with a black vase.

I have set the black to a dark gray, not fully black. And I don’t know, if this really has an influence, but when I don’t see the object after upload, it has now always helped, if I have set a fully white and a fully black point at the texture.
This texture I have used.


Hey @VR_Architect I’m seriously approaching the point at which I’m comfortable with the first hand-off of your avi. I’ve gone to the trouble of making it play nice according to specifications found here…
As a “new user” I cannot contact Alphas directly until the “new user” is lifted. So please contact me via email at Thanks so much!