Global Game Jam 2019


I’m surprised to find no one talking about GGJ… that’s 25-27 of this month.

It will be painful for me, but I’m thinking of running a home server the dates of GGJ open for everyone who wants to come and collaborate on stuff.

The server will be in Israel on a game PC unless someone offers better hosting… Western Europe would be fantastic for optimal access.

FYI Israel has 5 physical jam locations (and possibly a deferred-jam for people who keep the Sabbath)


My small group in Tempe Arizona participating in GGJ19 and also hosting a watch party of the Tomb Tour before it starts

We plan to hold our own local hackathon soon due to calls from members. There is also local interest in the excellent implementation of marketplace for makers and use of HFC stablecoin.


I’m a bit jealous… Israeli game devs are a bit cynical about the financial aspect of development,
(Jewish stereotype aside, it’s perfectly reasonable considering the insane cost of living in Israel. VR is too risky a venture without investors).

Seriously, the first question I got with regards to the HiFi marketplace was do games on it sell for money and how much does a game make. :slight_smile:

I’ll update closer to GGJ regarding the server


Facebook event page:


A server should be up tomorrow, in between children’s birthday parties and other distractions.


Still not up… unfortunately the sandbox wouldn’t play well with remote desktop, so I’ll have to physically go visit the temporary server to set it up. :frowning:


The Global Game Jam site that I’m attending is UAT, a school for game developers. Unfortunately, nobody I talked to there during setup knew about HighFidelity. Their wifi was too slow and I wasn’t allowed to use their equipment nor ethernet connection there even though their GGJ19 profile says they provide it (but only to their own students). Their Rift rig is broken and only two Vive stations are available to students. They did offer to talk to their IT folks, but it will be too late during GGJ19. It seems they are mostly Unity and Unreal fanboys.

This will motivate us to get our own venue for non-students at the next year, but more importantly a standalone rig.


That’s a real shame.

Unfortunately a good connection is a must for working in HiFI, though OFC you don’t absolutely have to work on a distant server, a local server is just fine but being able to collaborate with people globally is why I wanted to try this out.

I think many people who teach game design don’t really grok social VR and and how games fit into it.


Fun fact:
The 5 jam sites in Israel have a total of 500 people jamming!
The biggest site has over 200 people and the smallest has about 20.


The site in Phoenix has 91 registered, but only 50 showed up for the start when they announced the theme.

I hope to have my VR rig setup tomorrow, but will try to use desktop until then.