GLTF support (complete)


Blender Render is going away by the end of this year.

Which means, by the end of the year, Blender will no longer be usable for High Fidelity for anything other than static props (through the unfinished GLTF support). No more avatars, no more animations.

We need complete, full support for the GLTF format to solve this problem. At the moment High Fidelity only supports static GLTF. Not animated or rigged.

An overwhelming percentage of your users are Blender users, High Fidelity. I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally am not going to stick to an older version of Blender just so I can continue to create for this platform. We shouldn’t have to.


That makes things tricky
That said @Menithal is planning a eevi to fbx plugin, if he gets it working he can be independantly wealthy lol


Is blender still useable without blender render ? I don’t use cycles and hate cycles. Cycles only make the workflow harder. I think i always use blender render.


You will have to learn Cycles or Eevee, or be left behind.

Cycles is great. Yes, you have to learn a different material workflow. But once you do, you will never want to go back. The freedom that node-based materials give you is just incredible. And Eevee uses the same node system.

I disagree that Cycles is harder. Here’s a basic, fairly standard Cycles material

All the material setting are all there in one easy-to-find place. You can even just leave most of those settings to default if you want. It’s ridiculously simple.

Whereas in Blender Render you have to dig through mountains of subpanels to find a specific setting. And Blender Render isn’t even PBR, so it will NEVER give you an accurate preview of how your model will look in a PBR game engine. Cycles and Eevee are both PBR, and have gorgeous lighting quality.

Removing Blender Render was the best decision. It will free up resources that can now be used on bigger and better things. Blender Render was dead weight. If you want to keep using it, you can always stick to 2.79 but you’re going to miss out on all the amazing new features in 2.8.


agrees its worth learning
They must have a plan for exporting things with textures in.
sticking them on in world seems very secondlife after the joys of embedding textures


That’s my dilemma. I get cycles, and I think they’re so flexible and good, but the workflow from cycles to a 2D texture that can be applied to a model is what always got me. Hope that’s made more explicit.


I want to be able to put my substance textures on the principaled shader
then export fbx/gltf and it work as normal.
that needs to be default Blender behavour no plugins required

if i want to do extra node related stuff, I expect that at some level that the textures would require baking b4 export.

The Blender people must know this , so we must expect that this will happen
if it doesn’t we should all write to them and say we want our money back :smiley:


I don’t wanty cycles. I understand you need cycles to stick a diffuse,normal,specualr map etc on object ? Now that a very easy process. With cycles it just more complex then needed.

Cycles is not great if you only need to assign textures to materials !


This is how you assign textures to materials in Cycles. It’s literally just hooking one node into another. Like children’s toys. If this is difficult to you I don’t know what to tell you…


I need to check that on good day.

ADD: after thinking. yes it’s difficult.
How do you assign the node to your material slots ?
It’s going to be chaos in the node field if you use more materials.

I need to find a good easy tutorial. And the are hard to find.
No for lot’s of people this a wrong choice. people already happy if the can use blender.

Simple solution for now. Don’t update blender !


Because you talk in behalf of “people” now ?


Press “Shift + A” in the node editor to open the “new node” menu.Untitled

I think you are making the mistake of assuming it is difficult just because you do not have experience with it. But if you just took half an hour to learn the basics, you would realize it is actually not difficult at all. It’s just different.

I say let go of the past. The entire CG industry has moved to PBR. Games, film, TV. All of them. But Blender Render does not support PBR. Having it as the default renderer in Blender made ZERO sense whatsoever in today’s age. It’s an embarrassing fossil for the project at this point. Nodes are a standard feature not just in Blender but in other software too. Maya Stingray uses nodes. Unreal Engine uses nodes, has for a long time (since at least UE3 over 10 years ago). You’re gonna have to get used to it sooner or later.

Or you can just be another Second Lifer resistant to change, clinging to 15 year old tech.


Blender render seems to get replaced by eevee.
i need o wait until 2.8 is out before i can test nodes, and not fall back by accident into blender render.


Well, I didn’t really get used to using Blender for High Fidelity anyway. Next.

With this news, will there be some more workflows and tutorials for regular commercial 3d apps like Cinema 4d? Release 19 now has a PBR workflow, but I wasnt able to find any clear information or support about how to prepare FBX with PBR textures created from Substance Painter in Cinema 4d. The tutorials only showed how to do it with Blender and the now discontinued Autodesk Stingray for Maya.

So doing FBX animation in Cinema 4d , Maya or Max isn’t a problem but how do we prepare our HF FBX assets with PBR textures created in Substance Painter if we don’t assign the textures in Blender or Stingray??

Hope this isn’t too off topic, but I need to get a workflow going without opensource Blender.
I am trying to get a good PBR workflow with Substance Painter, without Blender. Very soon I need to figure out to use Adobe Fuse in this whole mix, and be able to customize our Avatars with Zbrush and or Cinema 4d. I hope there are people pushing the edge with these new technologies and willing to share some tutorials or share some knowledge about this stuff. Please reach out or share some links. Thanks!


If there is any support for GLTF in Cinema4d you should be able to get Substance things into HiFi from it.

GLTF supports PBR fully. It was designed around it. It’s not a Blender-specific format, either. A ton of companies have signed on in support. It’s not often that you see Autodesk and Blender logos on the same banner:

If Cinema4D doesn’t support GLTF yet, heckle the company behind it until it does. Other than that, you should start a separate thread specifically for Cinema4D so someone who uses that program and can help you will notice it. This is a thread for GLTF and Blender.


Try the Maya stingray material, works with pbr import for HiFi. OK I see you are saying it’s discontinued…


Hi thanks. I looked into GLTF and was able to create it from Substance Painter. However, unlike an FBX with embedded textures, I wasnt able to import my model into local sandbox and place it in my sandbox world, I imported all the files, the .GLTF, .GLB, and .BIN but couldn’t place it like I can with the FBX files.

Any suggestions?

Or another way to get my custom PBR textures Substance Painter, or Cinema 4d, without using Blender or Stingray??? There must be a way???



Hi Mn8.
The High Fidelity GLTF importer doesn’t currently support embedded textures.
Try exporting your model using a similar estructure to this one:


.glb is not currently supported, but includes the materials/textures within the same file. you do not need .glb if you’re using .gltf.

.gltf works kind of like an .obj, if you are familiar with them. Your .gltf and .bin file must be in the same directory.

If I have issues, I usually try testing using this:
Drag both your .gltf and .bin into the window at once.


Any news about GLTF 2.0 support in HiFi?