GLTF support (complete)


It should be already supported all you need is the plug-in I think we thinking about the same thing


Hi All,

We have created a test 3d object with PBR Textures in Substance Painter, but so far, unable to get the asset into the server, even though Don McCurdys GLTF viewer works and shows it without error.

Would anyone with some experience test and see if you can get our GLTF 3d object in High Fidelity and if so let me know how?

Thanks in Advance, here is the file


Substance Painter exports three of it’s maps as a single texture (occlusion, roughness, and metallic) with each map placed in separate channels. It is my supposition that High Fidelity does not yet support this particular implementation. Blender’s glTF exporter does not do this, and I have not had an issue importing a glTF of a static model with that software.


Hi Marcus,

Thanks. Yes, Painter 2018 glTF export exports 3 image maps, … basecolor, normal and occlusion/roughness, and a .bin,.glb and .gltf file.
Can anyone from High Fidelity respond whether HF is compatible with Substance Painter glTF exports? I really need to get my models into High Fidelity and do not use Blender. Thanks!


The other thing is that I’m pretty sure that a binary export won’t work. Only ASCII.


Hi Mn8.
I’ve just create a PR that fix the problem when importing glTF created with Substance Painter.


Thank you Luis! We tested it and it works, thanks!

So that is a Push Release and it will take some time for it to be included in the public download build soon or later? thanks


Very interesting. I am trying to upload GLTF created with Blender!


Hi Mn8.
The fix is already merged into master. It should be included in RC69.


Hi i just brought a gltf in from substance painter seems to load the base colour and normal but not the occlusionRoughnessMetallic.
seems the same on your test model on github

fbx left gltf right novajone for scale

the texture in question

has the different maps combined to channels, which is kinda cool

any ideas or is there a fix in the works?


It is unclear to me if gltf is supported or not.
I tried to import a .gltf file from sketchfab (a work done by a student of my previous class where I taught how to do low-poly objects .

The gltf is downloading two files:


the .gltf you can check here:

When creating a model from this gltf however interface is systematically crashing down.

How should we “massage” these .gltf files to be accepted by HighFidelity?


@Judas, @claudio.pacchiega thanks for finding and posting this bugs.
We keep working on improving the importer and I’m sure HF will fully support glTF soon.


If we could get the export working directly from Substance painter that would be amazing for the workflow, no need to go back to blender for export config… this could be the difference between artist sticking around or giving up…

PS.,. I’ve got it as far as the metallic missing as well, works fine from the web, when I tried loading it from my local machine it crashed interface.