Go To window get placed to high on the screen


It’s already almost invisible to see the edge to grab. would be nice if that is darker.
But it’s also placed to high. and if you not kow there’s a grabable side your stuck in the top left corner with the Go To screen.

Center it default would be much nicer, and more easy to look at too.


There is an open issue to look at placement being high - not sure about the darkened edges (which I agree would be good).


Examples is having the same annoying problem. it’s start in the top left corner.


All of them are of their class - it’s all on the todo list as I hear.


ANother one, the help. did start top left.

But also it’s not width enough !


Yeah, there DOES need to be a way to resize these various windows. I’ve been wishing to widen the window that shows who is online and where, for instance. At least there I hope the replacement for that, which reportedly is coming, will let me see more of the name and stuff in it.