Going from a temporary to permanent Place name


When you start your Stack Manager for the first time, you are given a temporary Place name. This name will last for 30 days, then you need to move everything over to a permanent name. To move to a permanent name, do the following.

Go to your Stack manager “Settings” page (e.g.: http://localhost:40100/settings/ ) :

  • We are going to assume you are using our smart networking
    system on your Stack Manager. Therefore, you can leave everything as it is and click
    “Create Domain”. You will be returned to the domain page. Copy the domain id that you just created.
  • Next, we will connect your Place name to your newly created domain. Go to: https://data.highfidelity.io/user/places and edit the Place name you wish to use:

  • In the “Points to” paste in your domain id. If you wish this place to show up in our directory, fill in the Description and add a Photo. Click Update Place
  • Now, return to your Stack Manager settings http://localhost:40100/settings/ . Add your Access Token and your Domain ID. Click Save and restart


Once your Stack Manager is restarted you should now see that your Stack Manager shows that it is accessible from your Place name:

Load up Interface and do to your Place!


And what if people dont want a domain. because there’s always told it works fine without domain. just use ip or internet domain name. But right now i get the idea that option is going to drop.

Also what happens after the 30 days when people not doing anything ?


I realize this is a lot of steps - thank you for the detailed guide @chris. We’ll be working on simplifying this soon!


We have no plans to NOT allow your Interface client to connect to an IP or DNS address, you are not forced to buy a place name to run your domain-server.